Richard Jones (1787 – 1855) – Catalogue / Bibliography

Richard Jones (1787 – 1855), printer of Dolgellau

To view a biography of Richard Jones (1787 – 1855), follow this link.

Catalogue at the National Library of Wales from 1809 to 1827 (last imprint date attributed to this shop.)

* William Ellis Jones apprenticed in this office from about 1807 to about 1814.
ǂ He returned to the office as an employee from about 1820 to about 1824.

1] Author:John Hughes (1776 – 1843)
Title: Diferion y cyssegr (Drops in the Sanctuary)
Description: 260 pages
Imprint: Richard Jones, printer, 1809

2] Author: Lewis George (1763 – 1822)
Title: Athrawiaeth etholedigaeth (Doctrine of Election)
Description: 47 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1809

3] Author: David Richards (1751-1827)
Title: Ioseph, llywodraethwr yr Aipht (Joseph, Governor of Egypt)
Description: 191 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1809

1] Author: David William (1720 – 1794)
Title: Cân o hanes pechod, yr hwn ydyw colyn angeu (Song of the history of sin…)
Description: 4 pages (Illustrations Included)
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1810

1] Author: Owen Davies (1752 – 1820)
Title: Catecism i blant ac eraill, ar rai o brif-byngciau Cristionogaeth  (Catechism for children and others, some of the main-Articles of Christianity)
Description: 64 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1811

2] Author: John Haime (1710 – 1784)
Title: Hanes bywyd Mr. John Haime (The Life Story of John Haime)
Description: 42 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1811

3] Author: John Wesley (1703 – 1791)
Title: Pregeth a bregethwyd ynghylch y flwyddyn 1728 ar 2 Corinthiaid, II. 17 (Corrupting the Word of God: Sermon on the year 1728 was proclaimed on 2 Corinthians, II. 17)
Description: 11 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1811

1] Author: Samuel Jones (1811 – 183-)
Title: Hymnau newyddion (New Hymns)
Description: 12 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1812

2] Author: Lewis Morris (1787 – 1855)
Title: Rhodd meistr i’w brentis (Gift from the Mater to his Apprentice)
Description: 112 pages
Imprint: Richard Jones, printer, 1812

3] Author: Thomas Olivers (1725 – 1799)
Title: Cyflawn wrthbrawf i’r athrawiaeth o barhad diammodol mewn gras  (subject is Doctrinal / Theology)
Description: 116 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1812

4] Author: Joseph Alleine (1634 – 1688)
Title: Yr udgorn arian i ddeffroi y gwersylloedd i gychwyn ar ôl y golofn ( subject is about 17th century sermons)
Description: 120 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1812

1] Author: Peter Williams (1756 – 1857)
Title: Casgliad o bregethau, yn cynnwys yr athrawiaeth fwyaf pwysig ac ysprydol o waith esgobion a hen ddifinyddion da  (A collection of sermons, including the most important and spiritual doctrine of bishops and good old defendants)
Description: 240 pages
Imprint: Gomerian Press , argraphwyd gan R. Jones, 1813

1] Author: John Walters (1721 – 1797)
Title: Welsh English Dictionary
Description: 2 Volumes (784 pp / 698 pp)
Imprint: Gomerian Press: printed and published by R. Jones, 1815

1] Author: Thomas Wood (1765 – 1826)
Title: Egwyddor-lith (A catechism containing questions and answers proper for the instruction of children)
Description: 40 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1816

1] Author: Edward James (1569 – 1610)
Title: Y pum homili cyntaf o’r Homiliau (The first of five Homily ‘s)
Description: 78 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1817

2] Author: Edward James (1569 – 1610)
Title: Pregethau neu homiliau, a osodwyd allan trwy awdurdod i’w darllen mewn eglwysydd, amser y frenhines ElizabethY pum homili cyntaf o’r Homiliau, (Certayne sermons appoynted by the Queen’s majestie, to be declared and read at the time of reading the first five Homily’s)
Description: 546 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1817

1] Author: David Rogers (1783 – 1824)
Title: Cyfiawnhad trwy ffydd (Justification by Faith)
Description: 48 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones dros yr awdwr, 1818
(Printed by Richard Jones for the author, 1818)

1] Author:
Title: Llythyr at Eglwysi Crist, yn Nghymru, oddiwrth y gweinidogion a gyfarfuant yn Rhes-y-Cae, Sir Fflint, Hydref y 6 a’r 7, 1819, yn cynnwys cyfarwyddiadau ynghylch derbyn aelodau i Eglwys Dduw. (Letter to the Churches of Christ in Wales, from there met the ministers in Rhes-y-Cae, Flintshire, October 6 and the ‘s 7, 1819, contains instructions about accepting members to the Church of God)
Description: 15 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1819

2] Author: Samuel Clark (1684 – 1750)
Title: Etifeddiaeth y Cristion (Legacy of a Christian)
Description: 178 pages
Imprint: Argraffwyd, gan R. Jones, dros I. Llwyd, 1819

1] Author: Williams, John, of Aberystwyth, fl. 1822
Title: Catecism athrawiaethol ac ymarferol (Doctrinal and Practical Catechism)
Description: 2 parts; 36 pages and 72 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan R. Jones, 1820

2] Author: Edward Jones (1782 – 1855)
Title: Y silliadydd Cymraeg, yn dangos pa fodd i ddosbarthu geiriau, a’u treiglo, o un sill i bedair-ar-ddeg, (A Welsh Grammar Book)
Description:  42 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1820

3] Author: Richard Jones
Title: An accurate account and description of Dolgelley and Carnarvon
Description: 108 pages – In English
Imprint: Gomerian Press, printed and sold by R. Jones, 1820

4] Author: John Roberts (1767 – 1834)
Title: Galwad ddifrifol ar ymofynwyr am y gwirionedd i ystyried tystiolaeth yr Ysgrythyrau ynghylch helaethrwydd iawn Crist, (Serious inquiries, considering evidence for the truth of the Scriptures and the abundance of Christ)
Description: 126 pagesjnm
Imprint: Argraffwyd dros yr awdwr gan Richard Jones, 1820

5] Author: T. Davies
Title:  Cyfarwyddiadau i ddysgu darllen yn gywir (This is an Elementary Reading and Grammer Book)
Description: 32 pages
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Richard Jones, 1820

1] Author: Richard Jones
Title: The Cambrian mirror (A Welsh Travel/Tour Book)
Description: 126 pages – In English
Imprint: Gomerian Press, printed by R. Jones, 1821

2] Author: William Morgan (1545-1604)
Title: Y Beibl Cyssegr-lân (The Bible in Welsh)
Description: 2 volumes? 686 pages, 284 pages
Imprint: Ad-argraphwyd a chyhoeddwyd gan R. Jones, 1821

1] Author: Henry Mathew (1662 – 1714)
Title: Dehongliad yr Hen Destament a’r Newydd (A New Interpretation of the Old Testament)
Description: 500 pages
Imprint: Gomer-Wasg: Argraffwyd…gan Richard Jones, 1825

2] Author:
Title: Testament Newydd ein Harglwydd a’n Hiachawdwr Iesu Grist (New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)
Description: 424 pages
Imprint: Gomer-Wasg: Argraffwyd…gan Richard Jones, 1825

3] Author: Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church
Title: Adroddiad Cymdeithas yr Ysgolion Sabbothol Perthynol i’r Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, yn Swydd Drefaldwyn am 1822-3-4 (Report of the Allied Sunday School Society,  Montgomery for 1822 – 1824)
Description: 12 pages
Imprint: Llanfair-Caereinion : Argraffwyd gan R. Jones, Dros W. Evans, 1825

1] Authors: Jones, William, of Bryntirion.
Title: Rhyfeddodau y byd mawr, a hynodrwydd yr oesoedd ym mhell ac agos, hen a newydd, mewn rhagluniaeth a natur  (Wonders of the world, and the distinctiveness of the ages near and far, old and new, providence and nature)
Description: 32 pages
Imprint: R. Jones, 1827


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