Lewis Evan Jones (1786 – 1850) – Catalog / Bibliography

Lewis Evan Jones (1786 – 1850), printer at Caernarvon (Took over existing shop from Thomas Roberts, upon his retirement.)

Selected items from the Catalog at the National Library of Wales from 1814 to 1850. Lewis Evan Jones was a radical and much of his work has not survived.

William Ellis Jones (1795 – 1848) worked in this office from 1814 to 1816*.

1] Authors: Jones, S
Title: Lladmerydd gweledigaethau’r nos (In support of dreams)
Description: 44p.
Imprint: Argraphwyd gan Lewis Evan Jones, 1814

2] Authors: Griffith, Owen, 1803-1868
Title: Galarnad er cof am amaethwr parchus ag oedd yn byw yng ngogledd-barth sir Feirionnydd, yr hwn a gafwyd wedi marw rhwng Maentwrog a Llandecwyn, dydd Sadwrn, Tachwedd 25ain, 1837 (Lamentations in memory of a respected farmer who lived in the north area of Mer, who was found dead between Maentwrog and Llandecwyn, Saturday, November 25th, 1837)
Imprint: Argraffwyd gan Lewis Evan Jones, 1814

1] Authors:Williams, Peter, 1723-1796.Williams, O. (Owen), 1790-1874
Title: Cofiant neu hanes bywyd a marwolaeth y Parchedig Peter Williams, o Gaerfyrddin (Biography of Reverend Peter Williams, of Carmarthen)
Description: 131 p
Imprint: Arvonian Press, Argraphwyd gan L. E. Jones, 1817

1] Authors:Evans, Christmas, 1766-1838., Jones, Thomas, 1756-1820.
Title: Prynedigaeth o fewn cylch etholedigaeth (Redemption within the sphere of the elect)
Description: 52 p.
Imprint: Argraffwyd gan L.E. Jones, 1819

1] Authors: Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.
Title: Dull priodas ysbrydol rhwng Siloh a Seion (Methods of Spiritual Union between Zion and Shiloh)
Description: 60 p.
Imprint: Argraphwyd ac ar werth gan L. E. Jones, 1820
Annotation: The ascription to Bunyan is dubious.

1] Authors: Williams, Peter, 1723-1796, Jones, L. E. (Lewis Evan)
Title: Y Bibl sanctaidd (The Holy Bible)
Description: 1474 pages. : ill., maps
Imprint: Argraffwyd a chyhoeddwyd gan L. E. Jones, 1822
Annotation: New Testament has imprint date of 1826

2] Authors: Uncredited
Title: Balm o Gilead, i enaid archolledig (Balm of Gilead, to the wounded soul who believes in Baptism)
Description: 60p.
Imprint: Arvonian Press, L. E. Jones, printer, 1822

1] Authors: Jones, David, d. 1785
Title: Blodeu-gerdd Cymry (Welsh Poetry of Blodeu)
Description: 509 p.
Imprint: Argraphwyd ac ar werth gan E. Carnes, ar werth hefyd gan L. E. Jones, Caernarfon, J. Evans, Caerfyrddin, W. Williams, Merthyr Tydfil, R. Jones, Dolgellau, R. Saunderson, Bala, R. Hughes, Wrexham, J. Parry, Caerlleon [etc.], 1823

1] Authors: Evans, John, fl. 1824.
Title: A new map of the vicinity of Aberystwyth
Description: 1 map 2 x 49 cm.
Imprint: Printed by J. Cox for Lewis Jones, 1824
Annotation: Cardiganshire, north of Aberaeron and Lampeter showing towns, villages, farms, country seats, churches, roads, rivers with highest lands hachured. From: ‘The new Aberystwyth Guide’ by T. J. Ll. Prichard. Aberystwyth : J. Cox for Lewis Jones, 1824.

1] Authors: Lloyd, Evan, 1734-1776.
Title: The curate
Description: 27 p.
Imprint: Printed at the Arvonian Press by L.E. Jones for Owen Owen Roberts, 1832
Annotation: Originall published about the year 1766.

1] Authors: Williams, William, fl.1828-1847.
Title: A vocabulary of familier dialogues in English & Welsh :
Description: 60p.
Imprint: Printed and published by Lewis Evan Jones, 1837

2] Authors: Williams, Peter, 1723-1796
Title: Y Bibl Sanctaidd (The Holy Bible)
Description: 908 pages, 270 pages, 52 pages.
Imprint: Lewis Evans Jones, 1837

1] Author: Unacredited
Title: Yr adolygydd (The Reviewer)
Description: 1 v. 29 cm. Periodical/Monthly
Imprint: Lewis Evan Jones, 1838

1] Authors: Philogathos Kai Eirene.
Title: Presbeia eirena
Description: 20p.
Imprint: Lewis Evan Jones, printer, 1839

2] Authors: Unaccredited
Title: Cadwain oesyddiaeth ysgrythyrol, mewn saith dosbarth amser (Seven classes in Scripture)
Description: 28p.
Imprint: Argraffwyd, gan Lewis Evan Jones, 1839

3] Authors: Unaccredited
Title: Myfyrdod alltud ar ddull yr oes yn ei gwaith yn amharchu’r Sabath, a chymryd enw eu Cynhaliwr yn ofer, a wnaed ar gynghanedd er denu ieuenctid i’w darllen (Perfect verses for the education of children, on the topic of keeping the Sabbath and on the prohibition swearing)
Description: 12 p.
Imprint: Argraffwyd gan Lewis Evan Jones, 1839

1] Authors: Phillips, William
Title: Ychydig o ystyriaethau byrion ar y Bod o Dduw, ac hefyd ar ddyn (Contemplations on having too little faith in God or in Man)
Description: 24 p.
Lewis Evan Jones,1840

1] Authors: Unacredited
Title: Address to electors accusing William Buckeley Hughes of bribery
Description: 1 sheet 17 x 21 cm. Broadside
Imprint: Lewis Evan Jones, Printer, 1841
Annotation: Dated 1 July 1841. Probably published against the Conservative candidate, W. Bulkeley Hughes, by supporteres of the Whig, Lord George Paget, in the Caernarvon Boroughs constituency at the 1841 election.

1] Authors: Hughes, Richard, of Llangefni.
Title: Music Mon (Music of Anglesey)
Description: 24 pages
Imprint: Lewis Evan Jones, 1848

1] Authors: Thomas, David, of Tre-hwfa, 1817-1887.
Title: Pregeth ar y geiriau hyny o eiddo y Psalmydd, sef ‘Ofnadwy a rhyfedd ym gwnaed’, Psal. 139, 14 (Sermon on the words and properties of the psalmist, namely ‘Terrible and strange’, Psalms 139, 14)
Description: 20 p.
Imprint: Aroraffwyd gan Lewis Evans Jones
Annotation: Includes Hymn ar fedydd credadyn / Robert Morris, Llangefni, p19-20. (Includes a hymn on the belief in Baptism…)

1] Authors: Williams, Peter, 1723-1796
Title: Y Bibl Sanctaidd (The Holy Bible)
Description: 908 pages, 269 pages, 6 pages, 49 pages, 3 pages.
Imprint: Argraffwyd gan Lewis Evan Jones, 1850
Annotation: New Testament has separate title page.

2] Authors: Caernarvonshire Magistrates.
Title: A table of fees to be taken by clerks to magistrates acting in and for the County of Carnarvon.
Description: 13 p.
Imprint: Printed by Lewis Evans Jones, 1850


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